Render Manager is an artist-friendly solution that solves the age-old problem of managing network renderings. It offers a set of easy-to-use and smart features to supercharge your work intuitively.

Render Manager is the perfect Deadline alternative, offering an artist friendly, streamlined user experience, with smart job management, requirement checking, and sanity checks

Render Manager is the perfect Backburner alternative, offering an artist friendly, streamlined user experience, with smart job management, requirement checking, and sanity checks

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Tailor-made for artists

Render Manager was designed and developed for artists by artists. The provided features are tested and polished by professionals from market leader architectural offices and archviz studios.

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Compact and smooth job submission

The all-in-one job submitter can handle scenes by browsing a file or you can also select any running instance of 3ds Max. The submitter will read all the necessary settings from your file allowing you to modify the most important properties or just submit it in an as-it-is fashion.

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Instant visual feedback

Render Manager will provide detailed status, progress, time and a thumbnail information of all running tasks. This instant feedback blurs the gap between you and the render nodes, making network rendering a great experience.

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Minimize errors and maximize your output

Render Manager will perform a series of checks before the job starts to prevent human errors such as missing assets, not configured crucial settings and many more. During the rendering process Pulze will constantly check the health and performance of the nodes and will report any critical errors.

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Submit your entire project in one go

Outputting your entire image or movie project on the farm should not be a repetitive task. The tight integration with Scene Manager will allow you to submit all your cameras with different lighting, layer config, render and output settings with one click.

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Keeping track of your all plugins

Render Manager will scan each pc for the most commonly used plugins. It can detect the missing or mismatched versions and it will notify you in case there is a problem.


Render Manager is currently running on Windows only. It's compatible with 3ds Max 2014-2022 and supports the most popular render engines, such as:

Whats new in version 2?

The features we provide are tested and polished by professionals from market leader architectural offices and archviz studios.

New job distribution system
From now on, the job distribution is centralized, meaning that you can pick a computer which will act as a master, or the system will automatically select one for you. The new design will allow more flexibility and a better experience even in more challenging situations.
Balanced and Top-Bottom mode
Choose between the fully automatic Balanced mode with predefined priority presets, or switch to the brand new Top-Bottom mode where the order of the jobs reflects their priority. You will be able to drag and drop your jobs and reorganize the queue effortlessly.
Refined job creation
Many new options will aid your job creation process. Beside the redesigned UI, we added some of the most requested features like the option to handpick the PC-s that should contribute to the job, or change the renderview from a list of cameras.
Edit job
The new edit job option will allow you to modify the most essential things like frame range, resolution, camera, output paths without the need to resubmit your job. We also extended the features that can be modified on the fly. You can add and remove requirements, or manually modify the list of computers that should work on your job.
Pack tasks
The new packed task option will allow you to define the amount of frames that a node should continuously work on. This method will be an asset when rendering animation on the GPU or handling large frame counts.
Improved Scene Manager integration
The revamped integration allows you to submit dozens of different setups with one click. It also has the ability to batch modify the most important settings of your Scene Manager setups without opening the file. On top of that we made several adjustments to the UI which makes it a lot easier to handle.

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  • Floating Licenses
  • No need for a dedicated License Server
  • There are no separate Node/Workstation license types
  • 2 Free Licenses
    For example, if you purchase 5 licenses, you'll get 7 licenses (only applied once)
  • 1 License / PC
    For example, if you have 3 Workstations and 5 Nodes, you will need 8 licenses

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Why is it awesome?

Throughout the design and development process, effectiveness and comfortable use were prime considerations. Hence we tested and fine tuned our products with market leader professionals, to create powerful tools that makes you happy.


"In a matter of days Pulze became an integral part of our workflow. It is easy to set up and intuitive to use. More importantly Pulze is a peacekeeper. It allows us to schedule the allocation of resources in a simple and intuitive way. No more bickering over who is rendering what, where, why."

Trond Greve Andersen

Founder and Director


"Pulze is able to effortlessly manage the potential compute power within our domain, allowing us to have precise, immediate and intelligent control of our machines to increase render performance on demand. Incredibly it does this in a simple, artist friendly manner, without the need of a dedicated TD, complex scripting or overcomplicated interfaces."

Tarran Kundi

Associate Principal | Global Leader - Visual Communications


"Pulze replaced deadline and backburner and became our main tool for managing the render farm. We were looking for a solution that would be simplified and implemented in the way we need it. We got our solution in Pulze. The team caters to our individual need and their instant support is invaluable. Thanks from SOM London viz team!"

Pedja Pantovic

Visual Design Manager

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