PULZE & UNIFORM | Archviz Supercharged

Join the Pulze team as they introduce and showcase their products designed for archviz artists and studios.

They will kick off the workshop with their special guest: Lautaro Vogel from Uniform, who will explain how they incorporated the Scene Manager in their drafting workflow.

After that Mihály will show you the Post Manager and how fluid it can be to manage your Photoshop layers throughout the life cycle of an image.

In the last section Péter will talk about the present and future features of the Render Manager and how easy it is to submit and monitor your jobs with it.

20% Discount to all Annual Licenses

As we are preparing for D2, we are happy to announce that we offer a 20% discount to the first year of any of our annual licenses.
As this is a limited time offer, be sure to not miss it!

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Furhter more, in the workshop we will reveal an even bigger, 40% Discount Coupon for the first year of our annual licenses that you can only use until midnight!
Join us, and keep an eye out!
(14:00 - 15:00 CEST)

See you there! :)


Pulze Dev Team

What's new in Scene Manager 1.6

Since last month's update we implemented some great requests. For example we added a way to submit your setups to any kind of render manager (e.g. Backburner) by baking and converting the setups to native scene states, render presets and adding them to 3ds Max Batch Render list.

Scene Manager workflow with Project Lavina

Chaos Group has just released the latest beta of Project Lavina and we have some initial tips how you can add it to your current Scene Manager workflow. With the help of the Scene Manager you can export your additional cameras to Lavina or you can bring back newly created views and changes to 3ds Max.

Get your 30 days free trial now

Try out the latest Scene Manager, without any commitment. If you have previously requested a trial, don't worry since with every major update you can get another trial again.


Pulze Dev Team

Exciting New Features and Updates

It's been almost 2 years since the first release, and throughout this time we listened and learned a lot from our users. We tried to be careful not to break the core values and strengthen the parts that were requested.

What's new in version 1.5

While updating the essential things we also heavily focused on new and exciting features that can make your life easier. We also started to add more advanced modules that will open up new workflows and possibilities.

Hot New Modules

  • Objects
  • Atmosphere
  • Script Editor
  • Render Settings & Elements

New Engines and 3ds Max

  • Support for 3ds Max 2021
  • V-Ray 5 Beta Support
  • Added FStorm, Arnold*, Redshift*
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More responsive UI, and new cards

Refreshed UI

  • Dark Theme
  • New Sidebar
  • More responsive Layout
  • Consolidated Settings

Improved UX

  • Auto Login
  • Setup List
  • Batch Editing
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Dark color theme option

Updated Setup Creation

  • Fetch Setup
  • Multi duplication
  • Updated Create Camera

Updated Hdri Library

  • Responsive Layout
  • Hdri Heaven Integration
  • Browse and Download
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HDRI Browser

Postprocessing and Lightmix

  • Save multiple variations per setup
  • Tone Mapping, LUT, Bloom and Glare, Denoising
  • Control intensity and color with Lightmix

Uncategorized Coolness

  • Added format settings for JPG, PNG, EXR and more..
  • Still Viewport Preview
  • Script Editor autocompletion for maxscript
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Advanced Script Editor

New Learning Materials

The new update also brings a set of long awaited tutorials. We prepared six chapters of lessons that covers all the essential features and workflow tips to get you up and running.

We also updated our documentation. We cover every single module in detail and there are also some handy workflow tips. Regarding the level of render engine support per module, please check out our compatibility table. If you are interested in the changes and bug fixes in more details read our changelog.

We won't stop here

We are constantly experimenting and adding in new features based on feedback. To make these ideas more transparent we would like to share our public roadmap with you, so you can see which way the Scene Manager is heading. Special thanks for everyone's support, and we hope that you will enjoy what we built.

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To enjoy these new features, just head over to the Scene Manager page, download and install the latest version!
We hope you like it!



Render Manager Release

The official price of the Render Manager is 60€ / Year / PC (Workstation and Node has the same price) There are also volume discount options available.

The First Ever Render Manager for Archviz

Pulze Render Manager is a simplified solution for managing render capacity and monitoring software and hardware. A direct solution to a long-term industry problem. It was designed and developed with architectural visualization in mind.

Pulze Render Manager is an easy to use render resource manager in the front end and a highly automated and sophisticated system under the hood. It provides a streamlined usage for the end user and provides full control over the resources for the IT specialist. The development of the Render Manager started in 2014. It was inevitable to find a solution for the distributed job maintenance. We decided to develop an inhouse tool. Three years later this render manager software was implemented in the pipeline of market leader Architectural firms and Archviz companies such as Woods Bagot, SOM, MIR. We are proud of it that they become committed and satisfied users of the Pulze products.

During the 5 years of development we gained a lot of experience on the field of Archviz. Based on that it can be said that Pulze Render Manager is the first product on the market that fulfills the needs of an Archviz professional.

The Render Manager is out now!



Last Call for Open Beta

The official price of the Render Manager will be 60€ / Year / PC (Workstation and Node has the same price) There will also be volume discount options available.

Based on your feedback, we consider the latest version (0.8.11) as a release candidate. In this last 16 days before release, we would like to overcome as many issues and bugs as possible, and we need your help more than ever!

How to get your discount?

By participating in Pulze Render Manager beta, you will automatically receive a 30% discount on purchase.

If you’ve had any issues, errors or just general feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know, so we can provide you with the best possible version by the release date.

We are going to reward valuable feedback with additional discounts!



50% Discount on both of our products!

Get Scene Manager and Post Manager annual licenses for 50% of their normal price!
From Nov 29. to Dec 02.



Awesome new features and major bugfixes

Thanks to your continuous feedback and feature requests, we are proud to announce that Post Manager 1.1 is available!

This new version brings you widely requested new features like changing the Wildcard, Luma Masks , Channels From Masks and Cloud Templates, with a completely rewritten algorithm for image and render size recognition, that lets you replace your render elements even in the most complicated Photoshop documents!


Added a new Wildcard feature to the setting menu, where you can change the default "#" sign to a number of other special characters

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You can find the Wildcard option, in the settings window

Luma Mask

Added a new Luma Mask feature that gives you the same options to handle luminosity masks as you do for RGB ones, like a Multimatte

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You can assign Luma Mask Roles in the "Manage Render Elements" window

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Your Luma Masks will be generated, and replaced the same way, as your RGB masks

Create Channels from Masks

From now on every mask Post Manager creates, will be also added as a new Channel in your document

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Channels will be created, and updated at the same time, as layermasks

Cloud Templates

Added a new Cloud Template feature, where you can attach your templates to your account, and share them with your colleagues easily

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Cloud Templates will be stored on our servers, and are accessable on every computer, using your account

Additional updates

  • Brand New algorithm for document and layer sizing and placement
  • Added new Linear templates to the default template list.
  • Added a support for some additional image format metadatas
  • Various UI element updates

To enjoy these new features, just head over to the Post Manager page, download and install the latest version!
We hope you like it!



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