How to use Scene Manager like a pro

Sketching with Lights & Colors, Brick Academy’s second free webinar, shows the most important draft phase of Zaha Hadid Architects’ Tower C project. Not only does it shed light on how to create drafts for the competition-winning skyscraper design, but it demonstrates how Pulze Scene Manager is indispensable for 3D artists who want to be efficient while maximizing their creative potential.


Brick Visual’s Workgroup Leader, József Brózsely, and Chief Creative Officer, Márton Tóth, casually introduce how to use Scene Manager like a pro and do 3D Sketching with Vray LightMix and Environment Fog. In only 90 minutes, they create 2-3 high-end visualizations by setting up 3 different moods for the project, primarily with SM’s Camera, Environment, Atmosphere and Layer modules.
Also, the guys will cover the following Scene Manager topics within the webinar:

  • Setting up cameras with different aspect ratios
  • Using the Hdri browser to pick the right environment
  • Setting up different atmospheres for each camera
  • Controlling the visibility of different layer sets


During this session, you will see how naturally Scene Manager blends into the image creation process by providing the user with the right modules at the right time. The plugin does not interfere with the experts’ work on any level, on the contrary - it puts an end to completing repetitive tasks and setting tedious technical parameters. This way, the artists have the freedom to explore the artistic merit of a project in-depth and create quality visuals effectively in a short amount of time.

Don’t miss out on this enlightening archviz experience!
For more information about Scene Manager, check out our product page, and register for a free trial!

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Pulze Captain

Render Manager 2.0 is around the corner

The first official version of the Render Manager was released in February 2020. Last year we collected a lot of ideas, suggestions and requests from the community.

We have been listening

We have decided to come out with a totally redesigned version which resonates with all the suggestions which came from industry members worldwide. We are more than thankful for the community because your feedback fundamentally contributes to elevating Render Manger to the next level!

Render Manager 2.0 features Sneak Peek

Stability above all

We made a lot of improvements in terms of stability to make sure your render jobs are running as smoothly as possible. From now on the job distribution is centralized, meaning that you can pick a computer which will act as a master, or the system will automatically select one for you. The new design will allow more flexibility and a better experience even in more challenging situations.


Control your jobs as you wish

You will have more control than ever to fine-tune your render jobs. Choose between the fully automatic Balanced mode with predefined priority presets, or switch to the brand new Top-Bottom mode where the order of the jobs reflects their priority. You will be able to drag and drop your jobs and reorganize the queue effortlessly.


Refined job creation

Many new options will aid your job creation process. Beside the redesigned UI, we added some of the most requested features like the option to handpick the PC-s that should contribute to the job, or change the renderview from a list of cameras. You will also get a more flexible Scene Manager support, where you can easily prepare all of your setups and submit them at once.


Edit your jobs

We added a handful of edit options which will allow you to modify the most essential things like frame range, resolution, camera, output paths without the need to resubmit your job. On top of that, we also extended the features that can be modified on the fly. For example, you can add and remove requirements, or manually modify the list of computers that should work on your job.


Special job options

We added built in support for V-Ray resumable rendering, so you can pause and continue these jobs without losing a bucket. The new packed task option will allow you to define the amount of frames that a node should continuously work on. This method will be very much preferred in case of rendering animation on the GPU or handling large frame counts.

When can I grab it?

The Render Manager 2.0 will be released in 2 steps. If you would like to try out the closed beta version now, then please contact us at If you’d rather wait for the official release, then you have to wait a bit more!

So stay tuned and get ready for something great!



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Use the coupon code** SM-SPRING-2021** at the checkout to get a 15% discount for the first year of your Scene Manager annual licence. The coupon code is valid until March 31.

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Scene Manager 2.1 update is here

After an extensive testing period, we are pleased to announce that the latest Scene Manager 2.1 is out. With the new updates and fixes, it is highly recommended to update as soon as possible.

Here are the most important changes:

  • Added Daylight System properties
  • Improved Color Correction map support and added specific properties
  • Added option to** copy and paste** module settings between setups
  • Added UserName and PcName option to output modules
  • Added pick selected map to Environment and Dome modules
  • Fixed issue related to the application of special characters in the names of camera, light, object, layer and map
  • Fixed issue with frozen camera or light module after merging objects with the same name
  • Fixed several bugs in the environment,dome and hdri modules

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to visit our webpage or check the changelog on our forum.

If you are a Render Manager user as well, please update to the latest (1.0.10) version in order to get the best out of the Scene Manager.

We are retiring older versions

Since the initial version of Scene Manager we have released 12 official updates. Many of these were significant improvements at their time. Since then a lot has changed and compared to the latest version they are missing very important bugfixes and improvements.
To ensure the best experience we are going to retire all the older versions up to version 2.1. You won’t be able to use these versions, so please make sure to update to the latest version by June 1. For more information, check out the related post here.


Pulze Captain

Region Renders, FStorm support and more!

We’ve been receiving a huge amount of awesome feedback from you guys, and implemented some new features to make your post production workflow even more fluent!

Among various improvements, Post Manager now support FStorm render elements, and has the capability to merge Region Renders to your Photoshop composition

Added Region Render support

You can find the Region option, under the Replace Render Elements workflow

Added FStorm render element support

Added FStorm Render elements support, and new FStorm Standard and Linear Templates

Added support for Linked Smart Object

Get leaner photoshop files using Linked Smart Objects, that references the original image on your hard drive
You can find the toggle in the settings menu

Added support for Resetting Layer Transform

Reset your layers transforms back to 100% scale automatically, to ensure correct replacement calculations even when the image has a huge transparent area
You can find the toggle in the settings menu

Access to all import methods has been promoted from the settings menu


Additional updates

  • Added support for SmartFilters, when replacing render elements
  • When replacing render elements, multiple choices dropdowns will now guess best matches based on file names
  • Mark favourite templates, that always going to be selected when creating new document
  • Importing Templates will now add any new render element to your list automatically
  • Various other bugfixes
  • Various other quality of life changes

To enjoy these new features, just head over to the Post Manager page, download and install the latest version!

We hope you like it!

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Pulze Captain

Upgrade your pipeline!

Hats off, you are an extremely supportive community! Following the great feedback we continue the development of the softwares. It is our pleasure to announce that the new Scene Manager 2.0 has been completed. Simultaneously we updated the licencing so you will be able to find the best product to fulfill your needs. Black Friday is around the corner so we provide 15% OFF between November 27 and December 14. Please let us inform you about the details below and if you have any questions, please contact at

What’s new in the Scene Manager 2.0

Scene Manager becomes the ultimate tool for managing multiple cameras in a 3ds Max scene. With these new features and improvements you can manage your scenes like never before:

  • Choose from a set of 250 custom properties
  • All the essential Layer and Object properties are added
  • Lighting modules have been updated to give you a more streamlined control
  • Browse and reuse already existing hdri maps from your scene
  • New Render Settings module with the most important properties
  • Updated bake setups with new batch export options
  • More streamlined controls and workflow


On top of that we fixed a lot of bugs and known issues and we worked hard to make Scene Manager more comfortable than ever.
For the complete changelog please visit our forum.
The Scene Manager 2.0 will be available from November 27.

The Licencing

From November 27 there will be new type of licences for the Scene Manager and for the Render Manager:

Scene Manager

We will introduce the “Indie” and the “Pro” version. The “Indie” is a perfect choice for individuals and the Pro version is designed for companies with multiple users. The following spreadsheet comperes the licence types:


We will provide monthly and annual rentals. The SM Indie will be €25/year and the SM Pro will be €80/year. There will be bundles as well. For more info please visit our webshop.

Render Manager

We would like to support the small Companies and the freelancers to be able to upgrade their pipeline. For that we will introduce the “Starter Pack”.
The Starter Pack means that for your first purchase of Render Manager we will give you additional 2 licenses for free. Please keep in mind that only one Starter Pack can be assigned to one account.

I already have licences, how do these changes affect me?

Of course we believe that you are a privileged early bird user! So you do not have to pay more for sure.
If you already have an active licence for Scene Manager before November 27 then you will be promoted to “Pro” user for free.
If you already have an active licence for Render Manager before November 27 then you will get two additional licences for free.

Black Friday is coming

We happily announce that this year we will provide 15% OFF for every product between November 27 and December 14.

Please use the “BF2020” coupon code in our webshop to apply the discount to your purchase.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them!
Contact us at!


Pulze team

PULZE & UNIFORM | Archviz Supercharged

Join the Pulze team as they introduce and showcase their products designed for archviz artists and studios.

They will kick off the workshop with their special guest: Lautaro Vogel from Uniform, who will explain how they incorporated the Scene Manager in their drafting workflow. After that Mihály will show you the Post Manager and how fluid it can be to manage your Photoshop layers throughout the life cycle of an image. In the last section Péter will talk about the present and future features of the Render Manager and how easy it is to submit and monitor your jobs with it.


Pulze team

What’s new in Scene Manager 1.6

Since last month’s update we implemented some great requests. For example we added a way to submit your setups to any kind of render manager (e.g. Backburner) by baking and converting the setups to native scene states, render presets and adding them to 3ds Max Batch Render list.

Scene Manager workflow with Project Lavina

Chaos Group has just released the latest beta of Project Lavina and we have some initial tips how you can add it to your current Scene Manager workflow. With the help of the Scene Manager you can export your additional cameras to Lavina or you can bring back newly created views and changes to 3ds Max.

Get your 30 days free trial now

Try out the latest Scene Manager, without any commitment. If you have previously requested a trial, don’t worry since with every major update you can get another trial again.

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Pulze Dev Team

Awesome new features and major bugfixes

Thanks to your continuous feedback and feature requests, we are proud to announce that Post Manager 1.1 is available!

This new version brings you widely requested new features like changing the Wildcard, Luma Masks , Channels From Masks and Cloud Templates, with a completely rewritten algorithm for image and render size recognition, that lets you replace your render elements even in the most complicated Photoshop documents!


Added a new Wildcard feature to the setting menu, where you can change the default “#” sign to a number of other special characters
You can find the Wildcard option, in the settings window

Luma Mask

Added a new Luma Mask feature that gives you the same options to handle luminosity masks as you do for RGB ones, like a Multimatte
You can assign Luma Mask Roles in the "Manage Render Elements" window

Your Luma Masks will be generated, and replaced the same way, as your RGB masks

Create Channels from Masks

From now on every mask Post Manager creates, will be also added as a new Channel in your document
Channels will be created, and updated at the same time, as layermasks

Cloud Templates

Added a new Cloud Template feature, where you can attach your templates to your account, and share them with your colleagues easily
Cloud Templates will be stored on our servers, and are accessible on every computer, using your account

Additional updates

  • Brand New algorithm for document and layer sizing and placement-
  • Added new Linear templates to the default template list.
  • Added a support for some additional image format metadatas
  • Various UI element updates

To enjoy these new features, just head over to the Post Manager page, download and install the latest version!

We hope you like it!

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Pulze Dev Team