Scene Manager is an intuitive time saver for 3D Artists and Architects. Scene Manager collects all important settings that are scattered throughout 3ds Max and brings them together in a unified interface.

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Setup multiple cameras in one scene

Manage your 3ds Max scenes like never before.

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Boost productivity in an artist friendly way

Streamlined workflow in alignment with the newly evolved industry pipelines. The UI/UX is less tech-savvy than more “App” like.

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Batch rendering

Render your images one by one with different resolutions, lighting, output paths or different layer settings.

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Scene Manager currently works with 3ds Max and supports the most popular render engines, such as:

How it works

Scene Manager brings together all important settings that are scattered throughout 3ds Max and brings them together in a unified interface. Check out our tutorial series to find out more:

1. Installation
2. Settings
3. Setup List
4. Camera, Resolution, Name
5. Time Output
6. Sun
7. Dome
8. HDRI Quick Browser
9. Environment
10. Background
11. Atmosphere
12. Objects
13. Layers
14. Xref
15. Render Output
16. Render Settings
17. Render Elements

New Features in Scene Manager 2.0

Over the last couple of months, we received a tremendous amount of comments, requests and thankful messages from our users. In previous releases we were careful about adding more and more properties. Because of this we had to turn down a lot of great possibilities. From now on we let you take control.
We are pleased to announce that the next generation of the Scene Manager is here

UI / UX v 2.0.0
  • Better customization
  • New colored option for the module headers
  • Ability to minimize modules to spare some space
  • More streamlined controls and workflow
  • Updated factory layout
  • Custom Properties v 2.0.0
  • We handpicked an initial set of 250 properties which let you control you cameras, lights, objects, layers and the most important render settings. With these new custom properties you can build your own set of controls and manage your scenes like never before.
  • Objects and Layers v 2.0.0
  • The updated objects and layers module will let you precisely control all the essential properties
  • Visibility Overrides, Receive/Cast Shadows, Freeze, Reflection/Refraction controls, and even Transformation per setup
  • Lighting and Environment v 2.0.0
  • The revamped Sun, Dome and Environment modules are now much easier to use and they give you all the controls that you require
  • Browse, select and reuse already existing maps from your scene with a few clicks
  • The new Quick Hdri Browser will help you pick the best lighting option for your scene
  • Other cool things v 2.0.0
  • Export the required setups to separate Max, V-Ray Scene or Corona Scene files
  • Preview and modify your setups without activating them by pressing Alt + Click
  • Scene Manager will now stay open between reset, new and open file commands, making the workflow a lot smoother
  • Key Features

    The features we provide are tested and polished by market leaders from architectural offices and archviz studios.

    Fresh and Modern UI
    We created an easy to use responsive user interface that helps you to customize it to your needs.
    Every option in the Scene Manager is organised and grouped into modules. Cameras, Lights, Layers or Output settings can be organised to fit your current workflow.
    Fetch Settings
    When Scene Manager is not used from the beginning of a project, it takes time to transfer and arrange dozens of cameras and lighting situations. This is where the Fetch Settings feature can speed up your workflow.
    HDRI Browser
    Search and apply your HDRIs through the built in browser or download something new from the integrated Hdri Heaven library.
    Batch Render
    Render your images one by one with different resolutions, lighting, output paths or different layer settings.
    Rule based render output
    Render output paths can be created using predefined rules. It is an intuitive tool to set up complicated outputs that will fit your project's naming convention. Previously created rules can be exported and reused.
    Render Settings - Override
    You can modify and visualize your render properties per camera in a very easy and intuitive way (*currently for V-Ray, Corona and FStorm).
    Render Manager
    To get the best experience use our Render Manager to batch create jobs and offload your work.
    Script Editor
    When the original functionality is not enough and you would like to do some extra tweaks before or after a certain process, you can use our built in Script Editor with autocomplete right at your fingertips.
    Subscription Plans
    See more about the differences
    Setup List
    Up to 6 setups
    License Type
    Node Locked
    27 Core Modules
    Support Channels
    Email, scheduled online meeting
    Response time
    5 days

    Why is it awesome?

    Throughout the design and development process, effectiveness and comfortable use were prime considerations. Hence, we tested and fine tuned our products with market leaders and professionals to create powerful tools that makes you happy.


    "In a matter of days Pulze became an integral part of our workflow. It is easy to set up and intuitive to use. More importantly Pulze is a peacekeeper. It allows us to schedule the allocation of resources in a simple and intuitive way. No more bickering over who is rendering what, where, why."

    Trond Greve Andersen

    Founder and Director


    "Pulze is able to effortlessly manage the potential compute power within our domain, allowing us to have precise, immediate and intelligent control of our machines to increase render performance on demand. Incredibly it does this in a simple, artist friendly manner, without the need of a dedicated TD, complex scripting or overcomplicated interfaces."

    Tarran Kundi

    Associate Principal | Global Leader - Visual Communications


    "Pulze replaced deadline and backburner and became our main tool for managing the render farm. We were looking for a solution that would be simplified and implemented in the way we need it. We got our solution in Pulze. The team caters to our individual need and their instant support is invaluable. Thanks from SOM London viz team!"

    Pedja Pantovic

    Visual Design Manager

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