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Upgrade your pipeline!

Hats off, you are an extremely supportive community! Following the great feedback we continue the development of the softwares. It is our pleasure to announce that the new Scene Manager 2.0 has been completed. Simultaneously we updated the licencing so you will be able to find the best product to fulfill your needs. Black Friday is around the corner so we provide 15% OFF between November 27 and December 14. Please let us inform you about the details below and if you have any questions, please contact at support@pulze.io

What’s new in the Scene Manager 2.0

Scene Manager becomes the ultimate tool for managing multiple cameras in a 3ds Max scene. With these new features and improvements you can manage your scenes like never before:

  • Choose from a set of 250 custom properties
  • All the essential Layer and Object properties are added
  • Lighting modules have been updated to give you a more streamlined control
  • Browse and reuse already existing hdri maps from your scene
  • New Render Settings module with the most important properties
  • Updated bake setups with new batch export options
  • More streamlined controls and workflow


On top of that we fixed a lot of bugs and known issues and we worked hard to make Scene Manager more comfortable than ever.
For the complete changelog please visit our forum.
The Scene Manager 2.0 will be available from November 27.

The Licencing

From November 27 there will be new type of licences for the Scene Manager and for the Render Manager:

Scene Manager

We will introduce the “Indie” and the “Pro” version. The “Indie” is a perfect choice for individuals and the Pro version is designed for companies with multiple users. The following spreadsheet comperes the licence types:


We will provide monthly and annual rentals. The SM Indie will be €25/year and the SM Pro will be €80/year. There will be bundles as well. For more info please visit our webshop.

Render Manager

We would like to support the small Companies and the freelancers to be able to upgrade their pipeline. For that we will introduce the “Starter Pack”.
The Starter Pack means that for your first purchase of Render Manager we will give you additional 2 licenses for free. Please keep in mind that only one Starter Pack can be assigned to one account.

I already have licences, how do these changes affect me?

Of course we believe that you are a privileged early bird user! So you do not have to pay more for sure.
If you already have an active licence for Scene Manager before November 27 then you will be promoted to “Pro” user for free.
If you already have an active licence for Render Manager before November 27 then you will get two additional licences for free.

Black Friday is coming

We happily announce that this year we will provide 15% OFF for every product between November 27 and December 14.

Please use the “BF2020” coupon code in our webshop to apply the discount to your purchase.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them!
Contact us at support@pulze.io!


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