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Scene Manager 1.6 is out now!

What's new in Scene Manager 1.6

Since last month's update we implemented some great requests. For example we added a way to submit your setups to any kind of render manager (e.g. Backburner) by baking and converting the setups to native scene states, render presets and adding them to 3ds Max Batch Render list.

Scene Manager workflow with Project Lavina

Chaos Group has just released the latest beta of Project Lavina and we have some initial tips how you can add it to your current Scene Manager workflow. With the help of the Scene Manager you can export your additional cameras to Lavina or you can bring back newly created views and changes to 3ds Max.

Get your 30 days free trial now

Try out the latest Scene Manager, without any commitment. If you have previously requested a trial, don't worry since with every major update you can get another trial again.


Pulze Dev Team

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