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Scene Manager 1.5 is out now!

Exciting New Features and Updates

It's been almost 2 years since the first release, and throughout this time we listened and learned a lot from our users. We tried to be careful not to break the core values and strengthen the parts that were requested.

What's new in version 1.5

While updating the essential things we also heavily focused on new and exciting features that can make your life easier. We also started to add more advanced modules that will open up new workflows and possibilities.

Hot New Modules

  • Objects
  • Atmosphere
  • Script Editor
  • Render Settings & Elements

New Engines and 3ds Max

  • Support for 3ds Max 2021
  • V-Ray 5 Beta Support
  • Added FStorm, Arnold*, Redshift*
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More responsive UI, and new cards

Refreshed UI

  • Dark Theme
  • New Sidebar
  • More responsive Layout
  • Consolidated Settings

Improved UX

  • Auto Login
  • Setup List
  • Batch Editing
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Dark color theme option

Updated Setup Creation

  • Fetch Setup
  • Multi duplication
  • Updated Create Camera

Updated Hdri Library

  • Responsive Layout
  • Hdri Heaven Integration
  • Browse and Download
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HDRI Browser

Postprocessing and Lightmix

  • Save multiple variations per setup
  • Tone Mapping, LUT, Bloom and Glare, Denoising
  • Control intensity and color with Lightmix

Uncategorized Coolness

  • Added format settings for JPG, PNG, EXR and more..
  • Still Viewport Preview
  • Script Editor autocompletion for maxscript
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Advanced Script Editor

New Learning Materials

The new update also brings a set of long awaited tutorials. We prepared six chapters of lessons that covers all the essential features and workflow tips to get you up and running.

We also updated our documentation. We cover every single module in detail and there are also some handy workflow tips. Regarding the level of render engine support per module, please check out our compatibility table. If you are interested in the changes and bug fixes in more details read our changelog.

We won't stop here

We are constantly experimenting and adding in new features based on feedback. To make these ideas more transparent we would like to share our public roadmap with you, so you can see which way the Scene Manager is heading. Special thanks for everyone's support, and we hope that you will enjoy what we built.

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To enjoy these new features, just head over to the Scene Manager page, download and install the latest version!
We hope you like it!



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